The chances of a healthy diet in a food system

The chances of a healthy diet in a food system

The chances of a healthy diet in a food system increase when the system integrates the two sides of the food culture: the urban worlds and the rural worlds.

In a society overwhelmed by almost automatic food consumption, the organic links between the rural and urban worlds have been severed and almost forgotten. If we want for ourselves and the next generations a healthy diet, if we want, on the other hand, not to lose the stories of the dishes from our culture, if we want to bring to our families’ tables as clean and tasty food as possible , we need to rediscover the links of value between the urban and rural worlds. A healthy food civilization depends on a good integration of rural and urban in the food system.

In this sense, an important link both in terms of the nutritional richness of food and its cultural value is represented by the relationship of trust between consumers and local producers.

That is precisely why, through the Cities2030 and RURALITIES projects, we have been involved in the development of collaboration between local producers and consumers both at the level of material transfer (by supporting short supply chains) and at the level of symbolic transfer (by promoting local gastronomic traditions and values ).

In the first stage, it was about the fair of local producers Iașul in Bucate, an event that has already reached its seventh edition. And, because Iași in cuisine has turned into a successful community and brand in the food system of the region, it seems obvious to us that we can experience a replication of such an event, putting the emphasis this time, in the mirror we could say, on the rural worlds of our region. Thus, as a good correspondent but also as an independent voice, we propose to meet again under the sign of new opportunities for the development of healthy food consumption communities in our region.

It is about the Village in Dishes, a fair of local agri-food products.

We meet in the Food Village fair on October 7th and 8th this year, of course. See you in Piața Dacia, in the city of Iasi.

We hope it will now be the first edition of a fair where you can meet local producers again and choose healthy, tasty dishes full of local stories.

This event is dedicated to the National Day of the Romanian product and represents a continuation of the Iașul events in traditional, ecological, mountain and artisan dishes. We also aim to revitalize Dacia Market and facilitate consumers’ access to quality agri-food products, obtained locally.


  • Direcția pentru Agricultură Județeană Iași,
  • Academia Română Filiala Iași,
  • Direcția Sanitar Veterinară și pentru Siguranța Alimentelor,
  • Primăria Municipiului Iași
  • Asociația Rural Development Research Platform.