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Food for Iasi Living Lab represents an innovative hub, which supports the collaboration between the main actors in the North-East Region of Romania, for the sustainable and sustainable development of urban and rural food systems.

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Food for Iasi Living Lab

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Representations of Exclusion

Because photography is a delineation form of representation, it is exposed to some biopolitics risks. The symbolic programming, ideological authorization, and validation of epistemic relationships of fiction with reality are just a few of these risks. These risks can have even worse effects in terms of biopolitics. 

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RoRuralia Living Lab. A new component of the RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem

The RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem has the objective of integrating urban and rural knowledge and intervention actions. In this respect, we launch today the RoRuralia Living Lab component of the ecosystem. RoRuralia Living Lab is developed within RURALITIES project, and supports the rural synergies for Food for Iasi Living Lab. Those

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Bread is the basic food in our diet

Bread is the basic food in our diet. Here in Iasi, we are lucky. The only sourdough bread certified Traditional Product in Romania is produced in Probota and we can find it on the shelves of Magazia Moraritei – Hearth-baked sourdough bread. Saturday and Sunday Magazia Moraritei – Baked mayo

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Today we celebrate the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products

Today we celebrate the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products. We should celebrate the peasants, small farmers, and small processors daily. How can we do this? Simple, buying Romanian agri-food products, Traditional Certified Products, Ecologically Certified, Montain Certified Products or made by the small producers we know. You don’t even

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Agro-Economy and Rural Anthropology Symposium

The Rural Worlds Symposium has a new digital place. The Agro-Economy and Rural Anthropology Symposium now resides at Visit us because it has everything, but especially conferences, stories, and books about rural worlds. The SAAR Symposium is part of the RDRP Ecosystem and is in synergy with the #GustDeIasi,

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The chances of a healthy diet in a food system

The chances of a healthy diet in a food system increase when the system integrates the two sides of the food culture: the urban worlds and the rural worlds. In a society overwhelmed by almost automatic food consumption, the organic links between the rural and urban worlds have been severed

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Stands of local producers were placed, where consumers from Iași could purchase, directly from the producers, seasonal fruits but also products made according to traditional recipes: syrups , jams etc. The event was organized by Iași City Hall in collaboration with the Iași County Agriculture Department and the Romanian Academy,

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Cities2030 project meeting in Amsterdam

Between 21-25 February, the implementation team of the Cities2030 Co-creating resIlient and susTaInable food systEms towardsS FOOD2030 project met in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Haarlem, for a joint event to present the partial results as well as the activities carried out within the 18 Living Labs developed by the project. The

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Fêtons les traditions culinaires

Les fêtes de fin d’année sont associées aux bonheurs de la table, de la cuisine et des retrouvailles familiales ou amicales. Elles sont l’occasion d’apprécier des plats consacrés, ceux qui font le lien générationnel au sein d’une famille, elles sont aussi l’occasion de découvertes culinaires. Ces plaisirs de la table

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Information and Education Activities – Healthy Food for Children

In November 2022, within the innovative Food for Iași Living Lab hub, Iași City Hall organized a series of information and education activities for children in schools about healthy eating, respectively the benefits of consuming honey. The purpose of the briefings was to raise children awareness on the importance of healthy food

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Producers’ Fair from the North-East Development Region

September 23 is the international day of organic agriculture, which is why, on September 24-25, 2022, between 10:00 and 21:00, we invite you to visit the Producers’ Fair from the North-East Development Region, Iașul in traditional dishes, ecological, mountain and artisanal, fair organized by the Iași City Hall, the Romanian

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The Iașul fair in cuisine presented on TeleM television

The Iașul Fair in traditional, ecological, mountain cuisine, an event organized as part of the #Cities2030 project, was presented on TeleM television by Ioan Sebastian Brumă, coordinator of the Food for Iași Living Lab hub, and Gabi Hoha, director of the Iași County Agriculture Directorate.

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The launch of the Food for Iași Living Lab hub

As part of the Cities2030 project, the Romanian Academy, the Iași Branch, and the Iași City Hall, in collaboration with the Rural Development Research Platform and the Association of Local Producers Produced in Iași, launched the Food for Iași Living Iași platform. Food for Iași Living Lab is designed as

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