Living Labs Development Laboratory

Living Labs Laboratory is the exploratory space for scientific research, co-creatio, experimenting to support the specific knowledge and actions to support the sustainability and resilience of the living labs as innovative participatory ecosystems.


⦾ Scientific research
⦾ Co-creation
⦾ Participatory Innovation
⦾ Experiments for exploring good models and practices
⦾ Developing synergy, alliance and networking infrastructures within living & policy lab communities

19th of February 2024
13.00 CET / 14.00 EET

22 Living Labs
for Cesar

Building Cesar
Living Labs Development Workshop

WORKSHOP - Building 22 Living Labs

Building Cesar2030 Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence in Socioeconomics of Agri-food Resilience

Workshop Agenda

19th of February 2024
13.00 CET / 14.00 EET

Building Cesar / The Making of Cesar

The workshop is dedicated to presenting and debating the method we will use to build 22 Living & Policy Labs within Cesar2030 Center of Excellence (  

Food for Iasi Living Lab

FILL – the systemic Living Lab for urban food systems. (Cities2030 Project).

Food for Iasi Living Lab is an innovation and policies oriented hub. Our mission is to build sustainable and durable urban systems in North-East Region of Romania by developing the participatory knowledge and action culture within our communities.

Innovation Living Lab Farm-to-Fork Food Lost and Waster monitoring & assessment

  • Innovation Living Lab Farm-to-Fork Food Lost and Waster monitoring & assessment  
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Arion, USAMV Cluj Napoca & AgrotransilvaniaCluster
  • ZeroW is an EU project about systemic innovations for zero food waste, funded under the Green Deal call of the Horizon Programme 2020 (Grant Agreement no. 101036388).
  • Horizon Project Website: 

Cesar2030 Center of Excellence

  • MISSION: Building and developing the Cesar2030 Center of Excellence as an innovative knowledge ecosystem, based on the Cesar2030 network of 22 living labs dedicated to scientific research, participatory governance, knowledge transfer and co-creation for sustainable and resilient urban, rural and regional food systems.

Building Cesar Workshops Series

  • Building this funding proposal is a very good opportunity to refine our models of good practices for projects ideation and development.
  • Accordingly with our principle of structuring the epistemological dimension of our actions, we consider this project development as an experiment and we are documenting it, analyzing and disseminating it to our peers. 
  • These are the public workshops dedicated to critical debating, understanding and disseminating the concept and tools we are using in our project development strategy. 
2024 19th of January - Building Cesar Workshop

Building 22 Living Labs for Cesar

Cesar2030 Consortium, working on this funding proposal, developed the Cesar Systems Thinking Model.

The Cesar is a knowledge management methodology and this model can be used in any other project strategy making, in the defining the system phase. It is based on the systemic understanding of the horizontal, vertical, and transversal dimensions of the systems.