Information and Education Activities – Healthy Food for Children

Information and Education Activities – Healthy Food for Children

Food for Iasi Living Lab innovative hub

In November 2022, within the innovative Food for Iași Living Lab hub, Iași City Hall organized a series of information and education activities for children in schools about healthy eating, respectively the benefits of consuming honey.

The purpose of the briefings was to raise children awareness on the importance of healthy food choices.
Thus, the children were presented with information and details regarding:

  • Importance of bees on the entire ecosystem and the importance of protecting bees
  • A day in the life of a bee family in the hive
  • The main benefits of honey consumption and other bee products (pollen, propolis, royal jelly)
  • The benefits of using honey vs. the harmfulness of sugar
  • A balanced lifestyle based on movement and healthy food education “
  • Did you know that…?” from the life of a bee

Also, at the end, the children were dressed in the beekeeper’s equipment and were presented with a mobile frame populated with bees (including queen).
At the same time, the children were offered samples of three varieties of honey, as well as a small dispenser as a souvenir.
The presentations were supported by:

  • Eng. Relu Cojocar, beekeeper, Prisaca Moldova BIO bee farm, Iasi
  • Dr. Daniel Macișanu – nutritionist, DietStyle Nutrition Clinic, Iasi

This activity was carried out within the Food for Iasi Living Lab innovative hub, within the CITIES2030 – “FOOD 2030 – Empowering cities as agents of food system transformation” project financed by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 program and implemented at the level of Iasi County by the Municipality of Iasi and the Romanian Academy – Iași Branch.

Text: Ioan Sebastian Brumă, Food for Iasi Living Lab