RoRuralia Living Lab. A new component of the RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem

The RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem has the objective of integrating urban and rural knowledge and intervention actions. In this respect, we launch today the RoRuralia Living Lab component of the ecosystem. RoRuralia Living Lab is developed within RURALITIES project, and supports the rural synergies for Food for Iasi Living Lab. Those two living and policy labs, […]

Dacia Market (Piata Dacia) is an agri-food market in Iasi

Dacia Market (Piata Dacia) is an agri-food market located roughly on the border between two neighborhoods of the city of Iasi. For years I walked past it and felt some sadness that it was no longer working. Not for a few years. For at least 10 years, I expected it to turn into another ruin […]