Open Science Tools – 14th of February 2024

During the seminar, some free tools that support collaborative research and the dissemination of research results will be presented:
GitHub, Open Science Framework, Figshare, ZOTERO.

References Management – 17th of January 2024

In the seminar, a semi-automatic methodology for centralizing the citations of scientific articles, studies and volumes, as well as any other type of deliverable of scientific research activity, will be presented.

Google Drive – 17th of January 2024

During the seminar, the digital tools on the Google Drive digital platform will be presented. These tools can also be used in scientific research, project management or communication and dissemination activities.

Representations of Exclusion

Because photography is a delineation form of representation, it is exposed to some biopolitics risks. The symbolic programming, ideological authorization, and validation of epistemic relationships of fiction with reality are just a few of these risks. These risks can have even worse effects in terms of biopolitics. 

RoRuralia Living Lab. A new component of the RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem

The RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem has the objective of integrating urban and rural knowledge and intervention actions. In this respect, we launch today the RoRuralia Living Lab component of the ecosystem. RoRuralia Living Lab is developed within RURALITIES project, and supports the rural synergies for Food for Iasi Living Lab. Those two living and policy labs, […]

Bread is the basic food in our diet

Bread is the basic food in our diet. Here in Iasi, we are lucky. The only sourdough bread certified Traditional Product in Romania is produced in Probota and we can find it on the shelves of Magazia Moraritei – Hearth-baked sourdough bread. Saturday and Sunday Magazia Moraritei – Baked mayo bread on the hearth moves […]

Today we celebrate the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products

Today we celebrate the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products. We should celebrate the peasants, small farmers, and small processors daily. How can we do this? Simple, buying Romanian agri-food products, Traditional Certified Products, Ecologically Certified, Montain Certified Products or made by the small producers we know. You don’t even know what joy you give […]