Producers’ Fair from the North-East Development Region

Producers’ Fair from the North-East Development Region

September 23 is the international day of organic agriculture, which is why, on September 24-25, 2022, between 10:00 and 21:00, we invite you to visit the Producers’ Fair from the North-East Development Region, Iașul in traditional dishes, ecological, mountain and artisanal, fair organized by the Iași City Hall, the Romanian Academy Iași Branch, the Iași County Department of Agriculture, the University of Life Sciences and the Association of Local Producers Produced in Iași, in the Exhibition Park, Central Alley.

By organizing this fair, we aim to contribute to promoting and encouraging the consumption of food products, made according to traditional recipes, popular in the northeastern area of ​​the country. At the same time, the aim is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit as well as to create new sales channels, for the valorization of agri-food productions obtained in medium and small farms in the region. At the same time, through this event, the organizers aim to promote a healthy diet among the people of Iași, as well as the development of culture for traditional culinary products.

During the fair, there will be information actions on the characteristics of organic products, a cooking workshop for children, supported by local producers as well as tastings of ecologically certified bee products, actions that have a strong educational component in terms of healthy eating. These activities are part of the actions to promote healthy eating and increase the degree of trust of urban consumers in local food products and are primarily dedicated to children because they are vectors of training and information in their families.

The information activities regarding the characteristics of organic products, the cooking workshop for children and the tasting of organic bee products are organized within the Cities2030 Project, a project financed by the European Commission through the Horizon2020 program ( Iași City Hall and the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch, are the Romanian partners in this project, along with 39 other partners from European countries. The event is an activity of the innovative hub Food for Iași Living Lab (, developed within the Cities2030 project by Iași City Hall and the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch.


  • Primăria Municipiului Iași
  • Academia Română, Filiala Iași
  • Direcția pentru Agricultură Județeană Iași
  • Universitatea de Științele Vieții
  • Asociația producătorilor locali Produs în Iași