Dacia Market (Piata Dacia) is an agri-food market in Iasi

Dacia Market (Piata Dacia) is an agri-food market in Iasi

Dacia Market (Piata Dacia) is an agri-food market located roughly on the border between two neighborhoods of the city of Iasi. For years I walked past it and felt some sadness that it was no longer working. Not for a few years. For at least 10 years, I expected it to turn into another ruin of contemporary Romania.

I never hoped that I would be allowed to be part of the team that will try to rebuild a neighborhood market for the local communities in Iasi. And not in any way, but by making it easier for local producers to access the food market in Iași.

These days, a pilot fair, the Village in Dishes, is taking place in Piata Dacia. We want to see if such actions are desired and needed in the communities of which this market is a part.

Go and visit the valuable producers who came to the Dacia Market to offer the people of Iași the healthy food they may want.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The Village in Cuisine Fair is dedicated to the National Day of Romanian products and is in synergy with the Iașul fair in traditional, ecological, mountain, and artisanal cuisine.


  • Iași County Agriculture Directorate,
  • Romanian Academy Iași Branch,
  • Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Directorate,
  • Iași City Hall and
  • Rural Development Research Platform Association.

Through this event, the organizers want to create a closer link between consumers and local producers in order to encourage the consumption of local products as well as the reactivation of a symbolic market of Iasi, namely the DACIA MARKET.

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Author: Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Photography: Ioan Sebastian Brumă