Food For Iasi Living Lab

Food for Iasi Living Lab represents an innovative hub, which supports the collaboration between the main actors in the North-East Region of Romania, for the sustainable and sustainable development of urban and rural food systems.

Coordinator: Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Romanian Academy
Iasi Branch

FILL Mission

To consolidate knowledge & action communities for intelligent city and region food systems.

These communities are the beneficiaries and participatory actors in Romanian food systems. 

FILL is implementing scientific research and innovative actions for durable, resilient, and sustainable food systems. 

Values & Dimensions

FILL Infrastructure

Food for Iasi Living Lab is an innovation and policies oriented hub. Our mission is to build sustainable and durable urban systems in North-East Region of Romania by developing the participatory knowledge and action culture within our communities. 

Living Lab Dimension

Participatory knowledge, wisdom communities, inclusive innovation.

Policy Lab Dimension

Knowledge-based strategies, integrated sollutions. 

Participatory Actions

Multi-actor approach and quadruple helix model for stakeholders communities. 

Ecosystem Integration

Systems thinking epistemology, sistemic integration, structural knowledge management.

Synergies Oriented

Smart implementation, strategic postimplementation, integrated transimplementation. 

Knowledge Based Actions

Scientific research, moral rationality, humanistic ethos are the main vectors for fair and eficient actions. 

Actions & Strategies

FILL actions and strategies are smart, dynamic, knowledge-based, integrated, inclusive and innovative. 

Scientific Research is the main component for the knowledge management as a support for the intelligent development of the urban systems. 

Participatory knowledge leads to increased social cohesion and community inclusion. Innovation actions within FILL are based on the principles of participatory knowledge.

The complexity of current realities forces us to use systemic tools for understanding and structuring knowledge.

FILL is a living lab focused on the problems of urban systems, but it also develops synergies with actions and projects for the development of rural systems.

Multi-actor approaches are enhanced with the quadruple helix model of stakeholder collaboration.

FILL knowledge transfer activities are integrated in dynamic epistemic chains accordingly with the identified problems and needs. 

All FILL actions and strategies are integrated in the RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem. 

One of our principal concerns is the digital transformation in the rural and urban food systems. 

Kids are the most important vector of food behavior transformation within families. 

FILL Coordinators

Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch

The Romanian Academy, Iaşi Branch is a public institution with legal personality under public law and represents the form of territorial organization of the activity of the Romanian Academy. To carry out its activity, the institution has a body of researchers and a technical-administrative apparatus, being fully financed from the state budget.

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Iasi City Hall

We have vast experience with local partnerships and projects on topics such as food system transformation. Our current objective is to continue the efforts of the previous period of programs supporting the city to overcome existing barriers to food system transformation, develop integrated, sustainable and safe urban food system policies/strategies and to solve problems of common interest by creating partnership structures between public and private entities across regions, borders and nations. Iasi is the second-largest city in Romania, after the national capital Bucharest and the seat of Iasi Country.

FILL Colaborators & Stakeholders

Rural Development Research Platform

  • The Rural Development Research Platform represents an interdisciplinary research group in the field of rural and rurban systems.
  • The group was established in Iași, Romania in January 2016.
  • RDRP is a result of the interdisciplinary collaboration between the collectives of agro-economy and digital anthropology, within the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the Romanian Academy, Iași Branch.

Made in Iași Association

  • A community of people who passionately love authentic tastes, warm their hearts like warm bread when they talk about their crafts, get their energy from the smell of fresh vegetables and honor friendships, exchange of ideas and sparkling conversations.
  • The Association of Local Producers Produced in Iași aims to create a space where any farmer, artisan or craftsman finds support, initiatives and opportunities for the sustainable development of his business.

Magazia Moraritei

  • It is a boutique of artisan bread, with mayo or yeast, where we find all the pies and cookies from grandma’s house and many other goodies made only by Romanian producers. 

  • Magazia Morăriței is the first and only traditionally certified bread producer in Iasi County. In the production of bakery products, only our own flour is used, and the bread is baked in a wood-burning oven, as our grandparents used to have.

“A. Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology

  • The “Alexandru Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology was founded in 1927 (as part of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, the “ Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi) as a result of the endeavour of Professor G. Pascu and Professor A. Philippide. The Institute has borne Philippide’s name (since 6 December 1933), on the death of the outstanding linguist. The first directors of the institution were G. Pascu (1927-1932) and Iorgu Iordan (1932-1948).

Institutul de Cercetări Economice și Sociale Gh Zane

  • Having a multidisciplinary profile, the institute conducts fundamental research in the field of economic sciences (macroeconomics, microeconomics, rural economy) and social sciences and humanities (philosophy and political sciences, psychology and educational sciences, sociology and legal sciences, digital anthropology and critical photography theory).

Food for Iasi Lving Lab


  • Food for Iasi Living Lab represents an innovative hub, which supports the collaboration between the main actors in the North-East Region of Romania, for the sustainable and durable development of urban and rural food systems.
Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Researcher & Facilitator


Lucian Tanasă

Researcher & Facilitator